Cool read from LILIES

The Universe is calling on you to wake up now.

Oh my!

How fast that year flew.

One minute it was January, the next I hear Christmas carols , and that sarafina tuned song for ‘Wasee wasee tuchome nyama’ and the Christmas melodies finally fall into place.

If you’ve listened to Mary’s born child around June or July, you would understand how these carols perfectly fit this season.

You literally can’t stand them.

Yet here it is.

The season of tidings.

Now about this year, I don’t know about yours but mine was a great year. I know I said this again last year, but it’s the truth.

This year has been very enlightening for me.

It’s the year I got to really evaluate my values. My reason for being, why I do what I do, my purpose and even why I write.

Last year for me was amazing in terms of blogging for hitting over 5000 views.

That in…

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