Reader, how did your week go?

I pledged to recount how I got to scribble Tom James…

Well, listen, a series of freakish events, arising in a span of two years, bundled me into a morgue in Nairobi, on 18th December, 2015. I breathe to retell.

If Joe Lisutsa encountered the same experience, I can’t say; I haven’t spotted him, nor speak to him since.  Anyway, whether I learnt a thing or none from this my ordeal, I shall not tell; because what I do is recount. If Anne Mogendi were here, she’d have allowed a testimony on my behalf. But even in my recounting and in everything else I undertake, I maintain this one form of thinking, that: a man, or a boy, a woman, or a girl, must sweat; and the outcome, is what it is.

Reader, as I mentioned before, it all started in 2014 January, (as you read on, remember, in this my story world, anything goes). I’d graduated from university two months before. Anne Mogendi, a girl from Kericho, and college mate, graduated too. She liked me, I think, and I liked her, I know. She resembled my elder sister in some ways. She feared God, this Anne. And she wore these dull and long cloths. And she spoke in small voice, like a nun? And she donned a wig all years. And she read erotic books. And she became a mother five months before we graduated; and however much she ate, her body stayed thin and tall. It happened so.

Alex Matano, a faithful friend, graduated also. What can I say about him? What is there to describe of a young man, from a male writer? I will allow that you only know he valued principles, and he played football. We both loved reggae.

Then there existed Eve Apondi. She and Anne shared a room once in second year of our schooling. However, their mannerisms differed. Never did I meet her in college church. Most of her weekends, she spent watching series she’d download from Kickass or write articles on some freelancing sites. Alex dated her sometime during our first year, but abandoned her few months later. Why he deserted a girl with thick and soft lips, who dressed in suits and spoke in a sharp and pleasant voice, much as I disliked her, baffled me.

After graduating, Anne, Eve and I, within several weeks apart, journeyed to Nairobi to start life. Alex lived in Nairobi since childhood. In the next months, he’d take me, or sometimes both Anne and Eve, around the city and tell us how men and women worked.

#To be continued…

Weeks go and languages grow; my stories so.


3 thoughts on “CHRONICLES OF A NEW WRITER_01”

  1. good piece there my brother keep the fire burning. but who made Anne a mother before she was done with her college. I can’t wait for the next pieces.

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