TOM JAMES is a-coming. She is coming quick; in a week, not more. She is a novella, this child of a novel. Those who’ve seen her, say she’s special. I don’t know.

Anyway, I don’t want you to scan her yet. Not until you know how it all begun. Not until you know who scribbled it. And why he did it. And how he did it. And where he lived…and what else he performed; maybe he was a thug who went a-mugging in the dark, or a pastor who went a-preaching all over the place, or a student who went a-goofing in college, or a butcher; and all those things you might want to know about a new writer.

Call me Taifa Mkenya. Or Mkenya Taifa. Or M-taifa. Still, TOM JAMES is a-coming. And I will tell you how it all started.  Not all in one sitting though, but in days…or weeks…or months, I don’t know. You can call it Experiences of a New Writer or…or The Recount…or M-taifa’s blog posts…or…or Chronicles of a New Writer, it doesn’t matter.

Then I will tell you how it begun in 2014, like a sperm in a woman’s womb, in my head though. But I never saw it, this writing thing, a-whirling in my head. So those days I just pranced around, in Nairobi’s Buruburu, Dagoretti, Kasarani, Kawangware, Kibera and other unknown spots; with my friends: Joe Lisutsa The King, Eric Kama, Jane Shish, Eve Apondi, Adam Mwala, Caren Karesh, Fred Sang Fredo, Anne Mogendi, Alex Matano, Ken Onyango, Peter Njue, and others…

Now you don’t go a-searching these girls and boys on Facebook or someplace else. Why, in this my story world, in this my recounting, anything goes.

To be continued…

#Welcome to The Recount

A week goes and language grows; my stories so.


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